Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Low Voltage Network

So "itg" or "Integrated Technologies Group LTD" is the low voltage contractor that Pulte has contracted with to install phone, ethernet, security systems, home theatre installs, and whole house audio.

My experience with itg started off well enough. I had a great meeting with an itg rep at the Pulte sales office. I had a couple special requests, like I wanted Cat6 cable installed instead of Cat5e. I put quite a few network ports in the home and had some fairly complex drawings for the installers.

I'd encourage anyone working with itg to keep an eye on the installers. I caught them trying to install Cat5e wiring in the house, even though I paid extra for every Cat6 drop. My favorite incident happened today when I realized they cut the cables too short to reach the installed coax splitter.

I thought the drywall dust in the bottom of the cabinet was a nice touch.  I'm having all sorts of issues with the itg network install. I'll post more when I have some additional photos. Actually, I think I'll call it network wiring, because without additional hardware, it won't function.

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