Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Easy Breezy Scaffolding

This happened back on Jan 20th. It was a pretty windy. I'm just glad it was a Sunday and nobody got hurt. Be careful walking your dog close to new construction in Potomac Yard!


Looking back on my early intents of this blog, I wanted to help future buyers figure out what to look for when buying in Potomac Yard and I haven't really been good about doing that. We love the area, and are really happy to be here, but we're definitely having some issues and hope we can help new purchasers avoid some of our pitfalls.

One of the areas that I didn't pay nearly enough attention to during closing is the drywall work. It's really hard to tell how straight the walls and corners are when they're all painted white. I assume that's why Pulte doesn't let people paint or choose paint colors. To be fair, it'd be a nightmare to figure out all the paint colors and get homes painted.

Once we had painters come in, we noticed just how bad some of the drywall work came out. Below is one of my favorite corners.

The issue isn't limited to corners. It was really hard to tell the drywall seams came out poorly when they were white, but once paint went on, it was brutally obvious that every 4 or 8 feet, there was uneven finishing of the drywall along the seams.

Clearly pretty easy to see now, and this is after they "fixed" it. That's a different corner by the way!

So, keep an eye on the drywall folks. It's hard to see. They're supposed to be using drywall screws, but I see quite a few drywall nails around the development!

If you're looking in the area, make sure you check out the Small Area Plan for Potomac Yards. Lots of great things coming to the neighborhood! They're at, but here's a link to the small area plan for North Potomac Yard.

Next time I'll update on the (smallish) holes in our roof bladder that we reported to Pulte back in late November when we found it.