Monday, February 25, 2013

Holes in roof, going on 4 months.

So I reported to Pulte that I found multiple cuts in the roof when I went up for the first time post closing back in late November 2012. I took some photos and was told they were repaired. I foolishly believed them. I went back up in January and the tears were still there. I was told they were going to be fixed, but they still aren't fixed.

I think I made them pretty obvious. I'd love to know what the guys were doing on my roof if they weren't repairing the cuts/tears. I'd say they're marked pretty clearly. I doubt there's much coming in through the tears, but they should really be fixed by now. Actually, they shouldn't be there at all.

So, if you're buying in Potomac Yard, make sure you're thoroughly checking your roof.

Feb 26th, 2013 - update they fixed the issue!  Yay, only 3 months!

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