Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kitchen Cabinet Service Visit #5

So today we have the cabinet guy in from Surburban Kitchens to fix cabinet problems that we've had since we closed back in September. They showed up with 25% of the doors they were supposed to replace, again. I'm beginning to wonder if they're just trying to wear us down.

The worst door in the kitchen this this one:

The most amazing part is they tried to put some wax stuff on it so it looks like the cabinet door was slimed a la Ghost Busters.

The other issue we've noticed with the cabinets is that the handles were not counter sunk in accordance with the instructions from Armstrong Cabinets.

Door Hardware
NOTE: Don't allow screw heads from door hardware to scratch face frames. To avoid this, countersink screw heads so they can't strike face frame.

Not counter sinking the screws for the handles has resulted in damage to the cabinet frames. This is especially noticeable on the Lazy Susan, but we're seeing less intense marking on other cabinets after only 5 months.

Lazy Susan Marking
Normal Cabinet Marking
If you own in Potomac Yard, you'll want to keep an eye out for this, as scratching and marking is excluded from Pulte's Warranty. The installer said that in other developments they counter sink the screws, but in Potomac Yard, they only counter sink the screws for the Lazy Susan. Seems like an odd way to cut costs to me.

Here's another image of the kind of cabinet door problems we've had since install:

Here's a photo that shows how the marking is happening on the frames from the screws attaching the door handles:

Supposedly the frame is getting fixed today. I'm curious to see how that is going to be done. My guess is more filler wax. I'm a big fan of fixing things correctly, and I don't really consider wax, correct.

Another issue that I noticed over the past few months is a cabinet that is in crooked. It never looked right to me, but I couldn't pin point it. The problem is that cabinet is installed crooked when compared to the island top.
The left side sits 1/2" back, the right is 7/8" back.
The cabinet guys say it's that the island is built crooked, so if the face of the cabinet was flush, the back would have a gap.

I should start sending Pulte the bill for my vacation time, perhaps if there was a consequence for not getting it right the 5th time, there wouldn't be a 6th time.

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