Saturday, February 2, 2013

Potomac Yard Metrorail Station Environmental Impact UPDATE

I found this presentation this morning and it's a Jan 30th update on the Potomac Yard Metro Rail Environmental Impact Statement work that has been ongoing.  Looks like they've updated the key dates:

Draft EIS Complete - Slips to May 2013 from Jan 2013
Public hearing - Slips from Feb 2013 to June 2013
City Determination of Local Preferred Alternative: Slips from Mar-May 2013 to July-Sept 2013
Begin Design/Build: Slips from Mid 2014 to Late 2014
Station Opening: Slips from Late 2016 to Mid 2017

Of course "No Build" is still an option, but that would significantly reduce the area's designed population density. If I had to guess today, I think Alternative B will be chosen. The tax revenues on slide 31 shows $6.8M in tax revenues for Alt B. Alt A only gets a $3.6M in tax revenue. With the City's budget pressures Alt B, although more expensive will allow higher density and increase tax revenues. I think Alt D is just ridiculous and would totally change the character of Alexandria. I don't think residents want to live in Tyson's Corner with elevated metro tracks. I know I don't.

Nice write up by WTOP about the debate surrounding the Potomac Yard Metro Station.

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