Sunday, February 24, 2013

Who ordered the Fridge? Oops!

So it took three visits from Whirlpool to get our fridge working correctly after move in. It took about two months to get the fridge working correctly. I couldn't help but chuckle when I saw some of the new homes that look like they'll be going to closing by the end of the month. I assume Pulte put these plain jane vanilla fridges in the homes to meet the needs of inspection and closing with the nicer Kitchen Aid coming later in the process.

One piece of advice I have for new buyers, get it all in writing. I didn't even get to see a cleaned home prior to going to close. I have scratches on appliances that I couldn't see because they were covered in dust when I headed to the closing table. The scratched appliance I did notice was the fridge door. Whirlpool replaced that door, and was nice enough to put just a little bend in the stainless.

Little fridge, big hole!

Oh Pulte, you're hilarious!

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