Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cold achey feet....

One of the negatives of having a hardwood floor glued directly to the concrete results in really cold hard woods. I keep the thermostat set a little chilly in the winter. I keep it at 68 deg F. Downstairs stays a nice balmy 64 deg F. The concrete slab is just sucking the heat out of the house and down into the earth.  It's really noticeable as you get to the edges of the main room. An infrared (IR) temperature sensor does a really nice job of showing the issue.

Ends at Front Door

Ends at Back Door

Center of the floor is just under 64 deg F, 4 degrees F lower than the thermostat set temperature. I gotta give it to Pulte, their work is not one degree better than the warranty specifications (4 degree variation around the home).

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