Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kitchen Cabinet Visit #6 (That's 3+ full days off work)

Visit #5

So the cabinet folks from Suburban Cabinets came back out to fix the cabinet problems back in mid March. I've been lazy with the update, sorry. Again, less than impressive, but he did manage to get the island cabinet aligned with the island counter top..... after some serious arguing between him, the framer, the Pulte rep and me just saying "look, it's not right."

Scratches from screws on Lazy Susan

Look Brown Wax on Lazy Susan

Screw Indentation on Cabinet

Look ma, more brown wax on the same cabinet!

So, as I've said before on here. I'm a big fan of doing things the RIGHT way. I guess Pulte views putting brown wax over the scratches caused by incorrectly mounting the door handles as cool in their book. It's not cool in my book.  I really liked the gouge the installer put in the door on the right with his drill. He said oops, and then said nothing about it. I was too tired of dealing with him to even care at that point, but yet again, it's more in the category of "not quite right" than "we'll make it right."

He did go through and counter sink all the handles in the house. He was nice enough to spin the philips head bit on the screw heads leaving nice shards of metal on the screw heads. The worse news is the screws for the handles are metric, so you can't buy them at Home Depot. I did find them at They are M4 machine screws and here is the link to the screw. My guess is that the door handles are from IKEA. The guy at Home Depot literally laughed at me when I told him they weren't standard 8-32 screws, and they must be metric. If Pulte was going to buy IKEA door pulls, I wish they would have purchased IKEA cabinets, then I could at least easily retrofit with soft close dampners. No such luck. After all, Pulte isn't a custom builder and soft close doors and drawers weren't an option. It must be part of the "Life Tested" slogan to slam doors, you know.... to test them.

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