Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stainless Steel Appliances!

So, I love the stainless steel appliances in my kitchen. They're really nice and cook well too.

I've mentioned before that I didn't get to see the home cleaned prior to going to closing. I wish I had seen the scratches on the stove control panel before I went to closing. I've been trying to figure out how to re-groom the stainless, but I haven't been gutsy enough to try yet.  Photos are really hard to take of scratches, but these show you a little bit of what you can expect from your appliances upon delivery from Pulte.

I've been impressed at how resilient the stainless has been. With a little TLC I haven't put a scratch on it, but the scratches from closing are still there. I'd get it replaced, but I'd imagine it won't be cheap... and of course Pulte doesn't cover scratches after closing. When I left to go to closing, the kitchen was still covered in construction dust and debris. This, of course, is why I didn't realize just how bad the floors, drywall, and stove are....


  1. Very Helpful!!! We have a place going up that is supposed to be finished by October. Let's see if there are delays. This post and the cabinet post were very helpful. For all the new construction folk, please let us know what else to watch out for. You have a lot of experience.

  2. Jemin, Glad you are finding it useful! There is quite a bit I wish I had known.

  3. I have a kitchen cabinet that is banged up on the edges that it looks like a ten year old cabinet instead of a brand new one. I had the cabinet customized because I replaced the oven with a double oven, so I asked them prior to paying my own handyman if they were going to replace the cabinet of fix it. They said they would definitely fix it. So I paid my handyman to alter the cabinet and put in the new double oven. Then they tried to fix the using putty or some sort, but it was soft, wasn't the same color, and came off. I said it was not good enough, I bought a brand new house and I wanted a brand new cabinet, not a beat up one. The first guy refused to fix it, so I got fed up (I had other things not done right around the house as well) and I emailed the Pulte president, regional manager etc etc. FINALLY they agreed to replace my cabinet. That was a few months ago. They still have not replaced the cabinet yet because the contractor keeps sending damaged ones.

    If you are buying a place here, make sure you are happy about the place BEFORE closing. They will make promises to get you to go to closing. 4 hours before closing my house was still a construction zone - covered in plastic, dust and debris everywhere. A week prior I did a walkthrough and marked about a hundred ares with blue tape. The day of closing aka "final walkthrough" day, the blue tapes were gone, but the mistakes were not. I told them I was VERY concerned, and they reassured me that they would be working late "again" that night on my place. So I went to closing, came back a couple of hours later, and nothing changed since I left the house that afternoon. Apparently when I left the house, they did too, and did not do the work the promised they would do.

    Make sure the house is DONE before you buy it. Big mistake I made.

    Then when they replaced the heater for the water pump in the garage, the Alexandria city inspector came along. He told me my house had so many issues and that he was baffled when he learned that the house had been sold and lived in.

    Then there was a hole in the drywall in the garage. I pointed it out to the field manager and asked when they were going to fix it. They said, "Are you sure we did that and not you? The house would not have passed inspection if there was a hole there" ... well, thanks for telling me that. I still need to ask for proof that the house passed inspection because I seriously doubt that it did after this experience and after hearing from the inspector himself as well as the Pulte field manager's admission.

    Don't let them fool you by giving you false confidence. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT buy the house until it is DONE. The neighborhood looks fancy and all, making you think they know what they're doing, but all they want to do is make a sale but they don't want to hire enough people to do the work or follow up once you buy the house from them.

    Good luck!

  4. Cindy,

    Sorry to hear about the hole in your garage. I think the inspectors are just overwhelmed with the pace of the construction. Overall, my experience has been that the big things are getting done right, it's the attention to detail that is problematic. Oddly, I ordered a cabinet door on my own to install, and the first one I received was the wrong color from Armstrong. I intentionally didn't go through Suburban Cabinets (Pulte's sub) because of problems with them, but still had issues with Armstrong. Got it right on the second try though!

    My other suggestion would be to get a home inspection done. Find an inspector, a couple hundred dollars is worth it for another set of eyes to go over the place prior to drywall close and then again prior to closing. I think the biggest thing is to get out there and walk the job sites as much as possible. I'm a big fan of inducing the Hawthorne Effect.'s_paradox

  5. Also, be careful with the cabinets. The sub likes to use the magic marker to cover scratches. When I had them out to do some repairs he was just coloring the face of the cabinet and wiping it off. I guess this was to just give that section a different sheen. :-D

    Also, when you do your walk through prior to closing. Take a camera, and take lots of photos. I wish I had taken a nice HD video of the place. Take photos as the place is going up so you can locate studs and wiring in the future, but the walkthrough will be better if you're taking good notes and recording the conditions.