Saturday, April 20, 2013

The big green blob....

So some of you may have one of these green blobs in your backyards:

Heated and Ventilated Pump Cover
I haven't found anything super detailed about maintaining it, or what all it provides pressure for in the house. I believe it pressurizes the entire water system, at least in my home. This includes the sprinkler system, and the household water lines. I was happy to have a water pressure boost pump as without the right pressure, the third story could have had low water pressure.

What is in this beast? Here you go:
Water Boost Pump and Bladder Pressure Tank
I do question why Pulte put these in the back yards. It looks like on the next round of homes, they went in under the stairwell on the first floor. Given how much ours runs, I'm not sure I'd want the noise and vibration in the house. On the plus side, the unit isn't taking up space in the courtyard, and it doesn't need an electric heater to keep it from freezing in the winter.

Pulte has evidently had complaints from other homeowners about the units, as they sent a letter back in November (see below) explaining that it is heated, so it won't freeze and they're confident that it won't leak.

Letter from Nov 29th, 2012
I decided to post about this for two reasons.

First, Pulte tells me to "check on your booster pump at the start of every cold season to confirm that everything is in working order." but doesn't tell me what to check, or what I should be inspecting. They also don't mention that the cover is a "Drop-over" cover instead of one with an access hatch. I've tried to lift the cover myself, it isn't easy, and it doesn't pivot off the pump due to the tight fit. I noticed as I was walking around the community by the park near the sales office one of the housings is meant for maintenance and can be opened. A little research show's these are common.

Second, if this is such a great design, why was it moved to the interior of the house in later designs? Why is the pump located in the garages of the other town homes, why was it moved under the stairs of others? My guess, this was just the cheapest place to drop it, with the cheapest cover available, and they don't have to pay the costs associated with running an electric heater in the backyard all winter, so why bother putting it in the garage, when just tossing it in the backyard is acceptable.

I guess a big green box in the backyard is another life tested feature that their customers requested. You won't find wasted space in Pulte's homes. I have to admit I admire the gumption required to call this big green box a "specially designed housing." They crack me up.

04/22/2013 Update - So I noticed today they even make the insulated box that opens for maintenance in green. I liked how this one was actually put down on a slab, instead of sloped pavers.

Green Blob with convertible top - sexy, isn't it?

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