Friday, April 19, 2013

They don't call it a rec room because it's rectangular.....

So, what are you buying when you buy based on a floor plan? I took the statement in the Purchase Agreement that "'as-built' dimensions may vary slightly from the plan" to mean walls might move around an inch or so. I didn't expect to have a 32" by 45" block inserted between the windows on the third floor, and 32" by 45" block on one end of the rec room, and a 32" by 28" block put in on the the other end of the room to accommodate the roofing structure. To Pulte's credit, they moved the wet bar to make the room work better, but I lost 26+ square feet of floor space in the third floor rec room creating an awkward configuration.

Pulte's "Home Purchase Agreement"
5.4 Seller Substitutions or Variations. Due to governmental conditions, availability of materials, changes in product offerings or changes of suppliers, Seller reserves the right to make changes to the Home and/or tmake deviations from the plans or specifications as become necessary in Seller's sole opinion by site, and job, so long as Seller substitutes materials of equivalent quality and appearance. Determination of equivalency will be in Seller's sole and absolute discretion. If Seller makes such substitutions, the Total Purchase Price will be adjusted to reflect such substitution. Buyer acknowledges that actual "as-built" dimensions may vary slightly from the plan.

So here is what the third floor plan looked like when I signed the contract:

Notice how rectangular the room is?

Floor Plan As-Built
So, the thing about this change is that it took 2'8" off of the short dimension of the room making it nearly impossible to put a TV on an end wall, and impossible to center a TV across from the center of the large window bay where the couch has to sit. I also really enjoyed that I lost 4" behind the new location for the washer/dryer, and they deleted the sink with the explanation of "Pulte doesn't do wash basins, I don't know why that's in there."

I made it work by moving the wet-bar to the right side of the room from wall to wall, and then adding a wall to box in where the wet-bar is located in their plan so I could center a TV on the wall (nah, Pulte couldn't put that wall in for me, they're not a custom builder). Anybody want to calculate what 26 square feet at the price per square foot we paid works out to be? Pulte just thought it was ok to make the change (I discovered it, and notified them of the discrepancy) and said I couldn't rely on the floor plan.

Hmm, that's not a straight front wall on the third floor... That seems odd...

So, buyer beware. Pulte can pretty much change anything they want, and substitution is at Pulte's sole discretion. You have no idea what you're getting until you see it go up, get out there and walk the home sites. Pulte can literally build almost anything they want, and you're on the hook for the deposit.


  1. They told me that the third floor was supposed to end before the blocks, but they opened up the area between the blocks as a "bonus". Yay!

  2. Yeah one of Pulte's proposed options to "fix" mine was to drywall over the windows, that way the room would be rectangular.... but I'd lose the windows. On what planet would that be a good plan?