Friday, May 10, 2013

Crystal City Potomac Yard Bus Rapid Transit

Looks like WMATA chose the branding for the BRT line going down Rte 1.  I think they did a nice job choosing the color, I like blue.

Here's a link to the article to a nice write up on

I'm just glad they didn't go with Metro Beat. I think it sounded too much like domestic violence in the city.

Here's the pdf of the report. The images of the transit way look pretty awesome. I'm really excited to have the upgraded busses join the neighborhood. I'll be even more excited when light rail replaces them, but I'll take upgraded busses that run every six minutes to Braddock Rd and Crystal City!


  1. Sadly they are only every 12 minutes by the Potomac Yard development. Half of them stop at the Potomac Yard shopping center

  2. I guess I should pay more attention to them. Every time I try to figure out the bus schedules and routes I get confused. Even if they're only every 12 minutes, I welcome the public transportation, and the bus lanes should make getting to Metro pretty quick!