Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wine rack next to wine fridge?

So I don't know why Pulte put a wine rack next to a wine fridge, but in my place it got turned into a Rev-A-Shelf 35 Qt Double Waste Container.

Here's a link to the Amazon product page:

Works great, and didn't want the wine rack anyway (seriously how much wine storage does one person need?).  It was pretty easy to get the wine rack out, and then just followed the instructions on the unit. It even has soft close!

Here's the lid, and the recycle lid.

I had to order the door from Pyramid Granite:
Pyramid Granite, LLC
7956 Twist ln. Unit C
Springfield, VA 22153

It's the full height 18" wide cabinet door that covers the base and where the drawer would go. I had to drill the holes for the handle, but that wasn't too hard just be careful with plotting them out.

Happy home improvement!

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