Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oh, Pulte... You crack me up....

Yes. Garage with your hand up, you have a question?

Seriously, a bath fan vent that just goes through the roof on a garage? Yeah, that's how you did it on the town homes, but come on, you can see this from the street. A piece of 4" vent duct with a bunch of sealant wiped around it with a vent at the end of it that was meant for an exit through the siding. Now that's a class act. the two little windows seem a bit odd as well.

Venting 101.
I guess these were too expensive:

Perhaps you need more slope for this one.

Or, you could go with this:
Another Option

Anybody else with a unit above their garage think the Heating / Air Conditioning unit is way over sized? I mean, I enjoy tornado force winds, but it's a bit loud and breezy when it's on up there. I'm betting nobody did the calculations to size the unit.

Nice open house over on Van Valkenburg today. They were cooking scallops, and you could really smell it. Makes me wonder if the vent hood is adequately sized for the range.

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