Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hose bib on brick

So, I haven't been able to find an answer about the best way to secure a hose bib to brick and thought I'd bring it up here.

My hose bib isn't secured to the brick at all, and it just has what they called "hand putty" sealing it off from the elements. I've started to notice the "hand putty" cracking, and I can feel the valve twisting on the pipe in the wall when I turn it on and off.

I'm guessing this isn't the right way to do this, but I can't find a solution to the problem. Has anyone else figured out a better way to secure a hose bib to brick after construction has completed?

Cracking "hand putty"
Something like this would have been helpful during construction, but that ship has sailed.


  1. Just moved in on the 2000 block of Potomac Av. Enjoyed reading your posts, keep them coming!

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment. I tend to forget about the blog until something pops up. Should probably go take some photos and do some additional writing this weekend. Lots of progress with the metroway bus route!

  3. I'm on Annie Rose. My "hose bib" looks similar to yours but hasn't cracked, and I can attach a hose without feeling like it is twisting internally. One can look at that photograph and know it is not a job done to professional standards. Irritating when you consider the cost of these houses.