Tuesday, November 18, 2014

PY HOA Annual Meeting Notes

Tuesday Nov 9th, 2014

Call to order just after 7pm.

Roll Call
-Adam Nelson looked at the audience and decided we probably had a quorum

Proof of Notice of Meeting
-The board said they sent notice

Introduction of the Board
-All three members are from Pulte

Oakville Triangle Project
-Discussion of Project went from 7:10pm to 7:40pm
-looking at mixed use development: retail, hotel, and condos/town homes
-looking at building heights of 90' along Rte 1

Dominion VA Power Report
-Deadline for comments extended. Go to dom.com and put "glee" in search box to find contact info
-Also send comments to the city
-position is against the overhead option, the East Custis and Mainline options.
-Recommend the options along the train tracks and Potomac Ave to minimize impact.

Announcement of Committees
-Budget, Communications, and Social committees were announced by board
-Recommendation from the floor to form a grounds committee made and accepted by board
-Contact Carol Hanas to volunteer

Owner/Resident Inquiries
-significant complaints about landscaping
-significant concerns about snow management and using salt vs sand
-concerns about parking and the need for zones with the apartments coming in. Board is hesitant to act with city for zones 
-concerns about the lack of visibility needed to see oncoming traffic to turn right onto Potomac Ave due to parked cars
-concerns about a lack of sensors on traffic signals along Potomac
-concerns about parking for the park and children in the street. 

Adjourned at approx 8:40pm

Sounds like Giant may be complete by the end of summer/fall 2015
Expect most of the construction of condos/towns north of Monroe to be complete late 2015
Official HOA website is potomacyard.org

What did I miss?

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